Considerations for Deploying Location Intelligence: Whitepaper


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Each day more and more organizations are deploying location intelligence. Nowadays new and innovative ways to look at large data sets using location as a driver in business process analysis are needed.  Transforming vast collections of information into insightful trends and patterns helps enterprises answer important questions such as the “Who”, “What”, “When”, “How”, and “Where” of their data. Analyzing data according to these questions can provide essential information on answering the ultimate business question – “Why”. Traditional business intelligence falls short of answering the “Where” factor of data if that data is not plotted on a map and analyzed visually.

In order to enhance a company’s existing array of data into valuable decision-making information, location intelligence is a must. The following whitepaper yields an important perspective on how deploying location intelligence can provide a deeper level of analysis for a given organization.

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