General Electric Healthcare strengthens its collaboration with Galigeo!

18 November 2016
18 November 2016,

General Electric Healthcare - logo General Electric Healthcare, specializes in manufacturing medical equipment such as imaging systems, surgical navigation, and monitoring and molecular diagnostics.

With Galigeo For Salesforce, each rep can visualize its leads and customers on a map, and more importantly correlate other data (competition, turnovers, open tickets on equipment, etc.) related to its clients, which are mainly hospitals or private medical practices.

Sales segmentation will be integrated into the process and tool. The use of Salesforce will become much easier for managers (Changing territories according to sales and market indicators, automatic calculation of potential, balancing, scenarios, automatic reassignment of accounts, …).

Several hundred thousand leads and customers are currently being managed.

Thanks to a geomarketing approach integrated with Salesforce, GEH significantly increases the efficiency of its sales team in a highly competitive global economic environment.


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